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Thus, whenever possible, please be at your boarding gate as early as possible, queue up orderly for the security bag scan and sit obediently and wait for your boarding. I was taking the same Scoot aircraft (to Seoul) name “Barry”.Yes, Scoot do name their aircraft and I love that idea.Well, I was tempted to accompany my friend for her business trip (to get free accommodation for 2 nights) and to visit my friends in HK.If I didn’t recall wrongly, the decision to fly was less than a month away and the tickets were only bought two weeks prior to departure. I had TOO MANY choices and options :/ Air Ticket Dilemma There were too many airline options which flies from Singapore to Hong Kong Conclusion: Fly by Scoot Return by Tiger Air @ flight.Damage: scoot voucher which i won (booked during morning glory tuesday promo at taxes) 9 (648HKD one way promo from HK to SG) = 0 voucher (no baggage allowance) The price I paid was cheaper than the 0 i paid 15 months ago!

It was extremely useful in dimming the cabin light to your eyes! I did sleep but I kept waking up thinking that n hours have passed and it was about to land soon.

It costs 0 (inclusive of refundable deposit for the card).

If there’s a long queue at the counter, you can walk left/right to look for other counters.

Thus, my latest (bad) habit is to be one of the last few to enter the plane.

This is a tip that all airport ground staff and aircrew members hate the most.

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100free had $100 HKD credit which allows me to subscribe for the $78 7-day unlimited data plan which was all that I needed for this trip.

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