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Robert Davison, Akron, Ohio See Marriage-to-Lillian-1928He was 23 years old when he married 26 year old Lillian Mae Wilson Harris, a widow. The notice of Sloane's sign being stolen was inserted as a smaller sidebar into the longer article on the grocery thefts. Sloane Spiritualist Reading and Consultation." The theft took place on Sunday, September 4, 1932, the day before Sloane's birthday, which fell on Labor Day that year. Mansfield News, Mansfield, Ohio, July 29, 1933 (page 9) As H. Sloane, he was a barber and was cutting hair at his home, 206 North Mulberry, Mansfield, Ohio in July 1933.Sloane's address was 206 North Mulberry Street and the stolen sign read "Rev. He signed a published notice by many barbers in Mansfield setting shop hours and prices -- a sort of NRA-style agreement. dbid=7278&iid=NEWS-OH-MA_NE.1933_09_09_0009&rc=3165,37,3340,91;792,254,950,312;608,1233,683,1262;694,1258,773,1291;668,1362,747,1395;863,1562,942,1595;905,1587,971,1620;3285,1037,3425,1070;3446,1037,3566,1070;1892,1467,1963,1496;46,2667,150,2700;1458,6675,1538,6708;3609,2392,3694,2425;3250,4475,3450,4537;3263,4550,3446,4612&pid=489464841&ssrc=&fn=Herbert&ln=Sloane&st=g Mansfield News, Mansfield, Ohio, September 9, 1933 (page 9) Service Planned -- weekly services of the Spiritualist Church of Truth, Mrs. Army veteran, barber, Spiritualist minister, numerologist, card and tea leaf reader, hypnotist, and evidentiary medium -- formed the group in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1948, and also headed his own local branch of the organization, Our Lady of Endor Coven.Despite his importance to the history of Satanism, Sloane's life has been poorly documented.

Sloane, Spiritualist Minister, and the demi-monde of prostitution, a further review of Sloane's life will reveal a consistent pattern of interest in, and promotion of, what at the time was a sexually edgy lifestyle associated with prostitutes, strippers, and bondage sex. In any case, 16 people were now to go on trial for "white slavery" or running a prostitution ring, including Lillian Sloane, a.k.a. Charges may have been dropped, they may have received prosecutorial immunity in exhange for testifying, they may have skipped out on bail, or their trials may have been severed from those of the others and remained pending at the time of this report. Sloane, last seen in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, took a refrigerator she had not paid for!Herbert Sloane was not named or indicted, but his wife was Lillian Mae Sloane and this woman, a.k.a.Mae Benson (similar to his wife's maiden name Lillian Mae Wilson) was the only Lillian Sloane in the state of Ohio at this time.See Barbershop-Notice-Mansfield-News-July-29-1933-page11He was 27 years old. Edna Brennan of South Main Street will go to Bucyrus, Ohio to conduct services, assisted by Rev. See Services-Planned-1933According to the standards of the time, the night-time services conducted by Edna Brennan and Herbert A. dbid=7278&iid=NEWS-OH-MA_NE.1933_09_16_0009&rc=3336,317,3510,375;975,554,1144,612;871,1542,948,1575;907,1642,986,1675;427,2479,587,2512;1475,2729,1578,2762;2061,3312,2143,3345;1758,4075,1836,4100;2212,4225,2288,4250;1475,4404,1548,4429;1741,4554,1817,4579;2089,4733,2159,4758;2242,5312,2313,5337;1804,5412,1869,5437;2092,1887,2161,1912;2175,3771,2267,3796;2654,3921,2747,3946;2132,4329,2213,4354;2083,4379,2171,4404;2384,4558,2459,4583;2508,5016,2584,5041;2821,5116,2888,5141;2250,5416,2321,5441;3092,4500,3229,4533;3249,4500,3367,4533;3496,6320,3700,6391;3508,6395,3691,6466&pid=489472009&ssrc=&fn=Herbert&ln=Sloane&st=g Mansfield News, Mansfield, Ohio, September 16, 1933 (page 9) Similar to the above entry, this notice tells us that Sloane was again travelling with Mrs.Sloane would have included evidentiary messages from the dead, possibly accompanied by auditory, tactile, or visual seance manifestations. Edna Brennan to hold a night-time mediumship service -- that is, a dark seance -- at the Spiritualistic Church of Truth in Bucyrus, Ohio.

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