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Issue #28 of Sabrina, as well as the Sonic Super Special Crossover Chaos, featured a crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog, in which Sonic was brought to Greendale from Mobius by one of Sabrina's enemies and subsequently brainwashed into attacking Sabrina herself.

In this issue, it is mentioned that Salem is a fan of Sonic and has all of his comics and watches Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

This series ran for 32 issues, between 1997 and December 1999.

The new series incorporated elements from the live-action sitcom, including modernized fashions and appearances for the aunts, and Salem's personality and backstory.

The comics were then released featuring new characters and a slightly more serious, continuity-heavy plot.

The manga Sabrina story wrapped up at issue #100 in 2009, Book 3 and 4 containing issues #79-89 and #90-100, respectively, were also released and, like the first two, were reprinted in gray-scale instead of full color.

Various names are given to this dimension; the mid-late 2000s comics refer to it as the "Magic Realm," while the live-action sitcom referred to it as the "Other Realm." Sabrina's primary romantic interest is her mortal boyfriend named Harvey Kinkle who, like nearly all the other mortals in Sabrina's world, is unaware his girlfriend is a witch.

(In the live-action sitcom, Harvey would eventually learn Sabrina is a witch on his own.) The comic's characters have also appeared in various other media formats.

This is a list and description of the characters that appear in the Sabrina comic books.Sabrina the Teenage Witch is a comic book series published by Archie Comics about the adventures of a fictional American teenager named Sabrina Spellman.Sabrina was created by writer George Gladir and artist Dan De Carlo, and first appeared in Archie's Madhouse #22 (cover-dated Oct. Storylines of the character at elementary-school-age also appear under the title "Sabrina -- That Cute Little Witch" in almost all of the Little Archie comics.In addition, the woman's name had a New England ring to it.Some years later I recalled the woman's name was not Sabrina, but actually Sabra Holbrook." A new "Sabrina" comic series was introduced shortly after the debut of the 1996 live-action sitcom.

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