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Overall a ‘nice’ date, but not much to get excited about. So they start the date shooting clay pigeons, and I had to laugh at Jef “teaching” Em out to shoot and being so proud of himself for impressing Emily with his skills… From the look of that next pic, I think he had hoped to have to teach her every little move…

The end of the date with the Polish traditional dancing seemed a little too reminiscent of Constantine’s HTD last year, only more contrived! Jef was so happy to see her, it made me grin from ear to ear… and how gob smacked he was (and a few of us as well! After a little chat on, you guessed it, a blanket, they are off to meet the family, and I think Em was lucky Jef’s parents and 1 of his 5 siblings were missing, as this crowd alone looked pretty intimidating!

Hence, Muhammad simply added “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah” to a creed that was already familiar in Arabia.

Indeed, Muhammad and his followers were sometimes confused with the Sabians because of the Shahada.

During the cocktail party, Tim gets drunk and sleeps on a couch. Anthony, Chris M., Frank, John, Michael and Rob are all sent home in the rose ceremony. Each team has to choreograph a dance and the winning team gets to spend the night with Ashley and the losing team gets sent home. have a coin flip to see who would be Ashley's date. At the Mandalay Bay wave pool, they get a private concert from Colbie Caillat performing her song "Brighter Than The Sun". Shortly before the start of the date, Jeff talks with Ashley about his true identity – he has been wearing a mask since the start of the show. When Bentley arrives at Ashley's "home", he expressed his emotion on text messages from Michelle Money, Ashley's castmate from Brad's season of The Bachelor; who is a friend to Ashley and his ex-wife. Ashley is shocked to see Bentley leaving and wants to still be with him. P., Lucas, Mickey, Nick, Ryan P., West, and William. He shares his experiences traveling and they have a dinner talk. Other developments: After the cocktail party, Chris talks to Ashley about her date with Ames and asks her if two people would be going home for the rose ceremony. The date ends with traditional Thai dancers with local music. Ashley and Bentley talk and she realizes that he led her on a bit and that she hasn't really closed that chapter in her journey as the Bachelorette.

The word “Shahada” comes from the verb shahida, meaning “he testifies” or “he bears witness.” In reciting the Shahada, a Muslim bears witness that Allah is the only true god, and that Muhammad is Allah’s prophet.So, after locking the camera crew inside her house for the night, and some quality time with Ricki, Emily heads to Chicago to meet up with Chris and his family.Now, don’t get me wrong I did love all the views of Chicago: but I found the entire 1 on 1 section of the date so boring, and Emily did not seem relaxed, carefree or even involved enough to be nervous. Meeting Chris’s family was lovely and they seem to be such genuinely warm people! Runner-up Ben Flajnik was chosen as the bachelor in the season sixteen of The Bachelor. She confesses to him that she had seen Bentley a few days ago. Cocktail party: After Ashley tells the remaining contestants that Bentley had returned and that she hadn't fully let go of him until that day, Mickey decided to leave the competition because of it. They have to take three individual cultural wedding photos with Ashley in Taipei's photography district. They do not have chemistry together and he is sent home. Memorable moments arriving in the mansion include Ben F., who brings a bottle of wine and a glass for a toast with the bachelorette. Later that night, they have dinner in the middle of the Bellagio Fountains. Group: The men go to Las Vegas and are broken up into two teams. They are part of a flash mob and have Far East Movement play their single, "Like a G6", for them. Group: Ames, Ben F., Bentley, Blake, Chris D., Jeff, Lucas, Nick, Ryan P., and William. The date was after Bentley left and Ashley felt a little down on his elimination, They have a romantic night at Ashley's "home". Other developments: After the group date, Bentley decided to leave the show. He and Ashley go sailing near Phuket and go kayaking in Thailand's waters. He and Ashley have dinner at a park outside Chiang Mai. Original airdate: June 27, 2011 Prologue: When the eight remaining guys arrive at the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong, Chris comes to Ashley's room and tells her that Bentley is in the same hotel and wants to see her.

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