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If you visit the city in the month of August, you can get a taste of Kandy Esala Perehera, an annual ritual of the Sacred Tooth Temple.Thus, your vacation can be an enriching and cultural uplifting one if you choose this sacred and beautiful city.For those who want to explore the more secluded areas of Sri Lanka’s countryside, a cornucopia of natural delights, cultural artifacts and rural villages await you, as do many excellent trails for hiking or cycling, campsites with spectacular views and some fascinating locales for rock climbing.Cut off from the rest of the island for almost three decades due to civil war, the road to recovery for the island’s north has been a gradual, but profound.At night the coast comes to life with many bars where you can sip a nice cocktail with the wind in your hair.One of the Sri Lanka’s most esoteric features, is how drastically climate, temperature and landscape can change within a relatively short distance.

The city provided a fortification for Sri Lanka’s last king Sri Wikrama Rajasinghe.

Colombo is also home to a diverse, lively population and the city’s vibrant culture has given rise to an assortment of sub-cultures,each offering their own interpretation of the island.

Sri Lanka’s commercial capital also host a wide range of cultural events throughout the year and during these times Colombo comes alive with song, dance and colorful aesthetic displays, that to the uninitiated can be as unusual as they are entertaining.

The landscape once ravaged by conflict, toady has an almost surreal feel, a mix of untouched virgin coastline, large expanses of shrubbery and a scattering of villages.

The north of the island also showcases distinctively different topographic and cultural aspects, from vegetation and climate to language, architecture and cuisine.

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