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Rather than grow graduate programs in all areas, priorities are to strengthen graduate programs in areas of comparative advantage and areas that address state, regional and national needs; to remain an institution of choice for high quality graduate students throughout the nation and internationally; and to improve University, college and department services that support excellence in graduate education.will sustain the campus-wide improvement in productivity; enhance interdisciplinary programs in areas of comparative advantage and state, regional and national need; and strengthen the support and recognition for excellence in scholarship and research.s land-grant, sea-grant, urban-grant, and space-grant institution; to improve the integration of service values into the educational and research missions of the colleges; and to enhance the support and recognition for excellence in public community and professional service.And better than almost any university we are familiar with, the report stated, Delaware has a clear sense of what it wants to be, namely, a university that offers a high quality undergraduate education with targeted areas of excellence in graduate education and research.Excellent faculty are the core of any great university, but it is not possible to recruit and retain excellent faculty unless they are able to work with outstanding students, have the opportunity to contribute to superior programs of research and service, and are provided with facilities that effectively support their academic achievements.As for the goal of access, the team suggested that the University could also be proud of its progress, pointing out that over the past nine years, it has increased its funds for undergraduate scholarships and financial aid by 213% while room and board rates have been kept very affordable.The University has renovated every classroom so that it has the same computing and audiovisual capabilities as would be found in a new classroom building, and it has put its physical plant on a program of scheduled as opposed to deferred maintenance.In recognition of the scope and range of its programs, UD is now classified by the Carnegie Foundation as an extensive doctoral/research university, a designation accorded to less than 4% of colleges and universities.

Team members said they were enormously impressed by the high level of morale that pervades the faculty, staff and students.

IT personnel are afforded professional development opportunities on a regular basis, and team approaches to projects provide opportunities to mix and match employee skills and give employees both deepening and broadening experiences and a better understanding of the Universitys IT environment and the communities it serves.

As part of the initiative, the University considered general education as a total coherent experience through the adoption of the ten goals of undergraduate education (see Section Three of this report).

That draft report was also shared and discussed with the Faculty Senate; the deans, department chairs and academic program directors; the Delaware Undergraduate Student Congress and the Graduate Student Senate; and the Provosts Academic Council.

As previously referenced, Section Three reviews the ingredients of continued academic progress at the University, discusses distinctive issues and opportunities related to each ingredient, and sets out expectations for the next five years.

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