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His corner of the Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine, Gorges, is particularly known for this rock, and all of Michel’s vines are planted in it. In his mind, ­the longer they stay there, the better.

For seven years, he worked for his family’s domaine before setting out on his own in 1975.Guided by a process that actively involves your team and its shareholders, WBRC is able to help clients create innovative facilities that are cost-effective, energy efficient, and while also meeting the project mission, scope, schedules and budget.WBRC provides high-quality design and engineering solutions specifically tailored to the needs of its clients.Gabbro is old, blue-green, volcanic rock, rarely found in vineyard land.Formed by magma eruptions under the ocean floor, it is said to impart intense complexity to Michel’s wines.

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