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You should look at it.” The answer was easy—and the great last name debacle is over: They’ll all be Waters this March.

While plenty of shared interests and passions bring Lindsey Huntsinger and Eric Bercume together, it’s what Lindsey calls their "obsession" with dogs that really sealed their connection.

One night, she was on her way to dinner with a friend when she arrived to see Eric with four-month-old Milo in his arms.

As if she wasn’t already stunned enough, he then proposed, making that day one she’ll never, ever stop drooling over.

After they fell in love with Brady, Eric wanted to also adopt a Great Dane since he grew up with them as a kid.

That’s when Lindsey stepped in as caretaker: “I ended up doing all the work with her, like sitting for hours waiting for her scared little self to stop hiding under the deck,” she shares.

His effort was successful and he finally found a sweet pup to join their family.However, he wanted the reveal of Milo to be a surprise that was paired with the most important question.He even led Rachel on, saying they weren’t ready to get a dog anytime soon, so she wasn’t thinking a furry four-legged love bug would be joining their lives.After a long search through many local shelters and Web sites, they finally found Packer two years into their courtship.This golden retriever mix quickly became a central piece of their home, filling it with joy, laughter, and belly rubs. —ready to propose, he knew their beloved pup to be involved.

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